13 November 2023


Hey there, soon-to-be-married gents! It's the season of love, and what better way to celebrate than with a fall wedding that's as stylish as it is romantic? We're talking about stepping up your game, ditching the predictable, and embracing the glorious world of fall wedding attire for grooms. So, grab your coffee or your favorite fall beverage, and let's dive into the realm of velvet jackets, unconventional colors, and the art of suiting up for your big day.


Velvet Jackets – Because Why Not? First things first, let's talk about the undeniable charm of a velvet jacket. It's like wrapping yourself in a warm hug of sophistication and luxury. Who says brides get to have all the fun with fabrics? Grooms, it's time to shine! Whether you opt for a deep burgundy, forest green, or classic navy, a velvet jacket adds that touch of opulence that'll make you stand out as the dapper dude you are.


Step Outside the Box – Experiment with Colors, Textures, and Tones: Gone are the days of cookie-cutter wedding attire. Fall weddings are the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality and style. Think beyond the standard black and explore a palette of rich autumnal hues – mustard, burnt orange, or even a daring deep plum. Experiment with textures like tweed or herringbone for a rustic touch. Remember, it's your day, so let your wardrobe reflect your unique flair.


Renting a Tuxedo 101 – A Brief Guide: For those gents who want to look sharp without breaking the bank, renting a tuxedo is a fantastic option. Here's a quick rundown on the basic steps:

  • Find a Reputable Rental Shop: Look for a local or online rental shop with incredible reviews and a wide selection. Don't be afraid to ask for recommendations from friends or check out their social media pages for customer photos.

  • Measure Up: Get those measurements spot-on! Whether you're doing it at home with a buddy or heading to a professional, accurate measurements ensure a well-fitted look.

  • Select Your Style: Choose a style that complements your wedding theme and personal taste. From classic to modern, there's a tuxedo style for every groom.

  • Accessorize: Elevate your look with carefully chosen accessories – a stylish bowtie, pocket square, or even some funky socks. It's the little details that make a big difference.


Ordering a Custom-Made Suit –Now, if you're the kind of groom who wants a suit as unique as your love story, why not go custom? Here's a light-hearted guide on how to order a custom-made suit:

  • Find a Talented Tailor: Seek out a skilled tailor who understands your vision and can guide you through the process. Ask for recommendations or check out reviews to ensure you're in good hands.

  • Choose Your Fabric: Fall weddings call for warmer fabrics like wool or tweed. Decide on the texture and color that resonates with your style and the season.

  • Personalize Your Design: Work with your tailor to incorporate personal touches – perhaps a monogram, unique lining, or even a quirky pocket square.

  • Don't Forget the Fittings: Unlike off-the-rack suits, custom-made ones require a few fittings to ensure a perfect fit. Embrace the process and trust your tailor's expertise.


Grooms, your wedding day is your time to shine, and your attire should be nothing short of spectacular. Whether you're rocking a velvet jacket, experimenting with unconventional colors, or going the custom route, fall weddings offer the perfect backdrop for sartorial creativity. So, go forth, be dapper, and make a statement that'll have everyone raising a glass to your impeccable style! Cheers to love, laughter, and looking good while doing it!


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