26 January 2024

Unforgettable Wedding Signage

Today, I'm thrilled to chat about something that often flies under the radar but can make a huge difference in the smooth sailing of your wedding day: Wedding Signage! Trust me, these aren't just pretty additions to your decor - they're practical and creative lifesavers that guide your guests through the celebration with ease and flair! 🌟

The Magic of the First Impression: Welcome Signs 🚪

Picture this, your guests arriving, excitement in the air, and being greeted by a stunning welcome sign. It's their first glimpse of the day's vibe and a peek into your love story. A beautifully crafted welcome sign, perhaps featuring your names and the date in elegant calligraphy, sets the tone and makes for a fabulous photo-op! 📸

Cheers to Love: Signature Drink Menus 🍸

Personalize your bar with a signature drink menu! This is a fun way to share your favorite cocktails with your guests. Think "Julie’s Juicy Mojito" or "Tom's Terrific Tonic." A creatively designed menu not only informs but also adds an extra layer of personality. 

Smooth Transitions: Transportation Schedules 🚌

If you're shuttling guests between venues, clear transportation signage is a must. A chic, easy-to-read transportation schedule helps keep everyone on time & reduces confusion. It’s a detail that goes a long way in keeping the day running smoothly. 

Cherished Memories: Guest Book and Cards & Gifts Tables 🎁

Your guest book and cards & gifts tables are more than just functional—they're part of the experience. Guide your guests with charming signs inviting them to leave their well-wishes or drop off their gifts. These signs can become keepsakes, reminding you of your perfect wedding day. 💖

Hiring a Pro: Designer and Calligrapher 🖌️

To bring these elements to life, consider hiring a designer with a creative portfolio in wedding signage. One of my favorite vendors to showcase gorgeous showstoppers is Audrey McLamb at Unspoken Designs.  Check out her phenomenal collection!

A skilled calligrapher can add that luxurious, personal touch that pre-made signs just can't match. Their expertise will ensure consistency in style and elegance across all your signage, truly elevating the aesthetic of your wedding. 📝

Don’t Forget the Easels! 🤔

A quick but crucial tip: Remember to find easels or stands for your signs! It's a common oversight for many couples. Your signs need to be displayed prominently and securely, so coordinating with your venue or rental company for these is key. Wind, rain, and snow can make or break the placement of your signage. Make sure the proper precautions are taken to balance the structure. No one wants a welcome sign lying on the grass! 

Wrapping It Up: Signage for a Seamless Day 💍

While in the throws of wedding planning, signage might not be the first thing on your mind, but it's a game-changer for a smooth and stylish celebration. It's the perfect blend of function and fashion, guiding your guests while adding splashes of your personality throughout the venue. 🌟

Please don't underestimate the power of well-thought-out signage for your special day. It's the little details that weave together to create a wedding experience that's both effortless and unforgettable. 


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